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KUKA omniMove: Masterful maneuvering in confind spaces

Never before has it been simpler to maneuver heavy and bulky loads into the right position – with pin-point accuracy. Its unrestricted two-dimensional freedom of motion makes this possible: and ensures maximum flexibility. Driving underneath loads or raising them: the vehicles for internal logistics effortlessly lift payloads of up to 90 tonnes. Ten different vehicle variants with individual intermediate sizes and numerous customer-specific options packages ensure that you will find solutions to cover an extremely wide range of requirements.


Maximum flexibility and unrestricted maneuverability

The omnidirectional drive technology of the KUKA omniMove makes both translational and rotational motions in any direction possible, right from a standing start. This enormous mobility makes positioning the vehicle in confined spaces a speedy matter.

Utmost precision and simple operator control

Optical tracking, positioning aids and mechanical guide elements allow it to achieve a positioning accuracy of up to ±1 mm. The vehicle can be conveniently operated with a radio control unit and joystick. Additional navigation solutions such as optical or inductive guidance are available as options.

Move large-scale components safely and conveniently

The mechanical coupling of two vehicles, each with a payload capacity of 45 tonnes, makes it possible to transport payloadsweighing up to 90 tonnes or components with a length of up to 30 meters. The KUKA omniMove meets all required safety standards for industrial trucks, offering high load capacity with maximum safety.

Freely scalable modular system

The KUKA omniMove is freely scalable: length, width and height can be adapted as desired. If you’re looking for a flexible platform system, KUKA is exactly the right address for you.

Autonomous navigation: The UTV moves autonomously and without risk of collision

Its laser scanner for monitoring its environment and the interated software and controller for navigation and motion allow reliable, mobile operation. The independent power supply using highperformance batteries and industrial wireless technology liberate the UTV from restrictive connections. More about autonomous navigation at KUKA Laboratories.
UTV @ Siemens
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